June, 19th 2021 | 8:00 AM / Jelasnica Gorge

6th international adventure trail race with obstacles
"The Maze Fury"
organised by Tribe Trails

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"The Maze Fury" (2021)

Why Tribe Trails and Tribal paths?

Running is one of the activities that brought us all together again and propelled us to spend more time outside the city, where we are burdened by a shortage of time and by a limited urban environment. These are the main reasons behind the desire to start this project.

We all know that contact with nature and the complete freedom of movement cannot be measured with the urban jungle of asphalt.

Every time you have new conditions, new details, new experiences, new emotions. Running is a way of life and has the power to change lives for the better.

In these races, we will celebrate life, movement, friendship and explore vast and wonderful landscapes of our country, and thus contribute to the racing community, and beyond, to get people to know each other and generously share their experiences, passion, and love.


"The Maze Rage" (2019)
"The Maze Fury" - Trkačke priče (2021)
"The Maze Rage" Teaser (2019)
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"The Maze Up" Teaser (2018)
"Welcome to the Maze Up" (2018)
"The Maze Play" (2017)
"The Maze Rewind" (2016)
"The Maze" (2015)
"The Maze" Teaser (2015)



Run. Survive. Remember. – Tribe Trails

About us

We are team of volunteers with 18 years of experience in outdoor activities such as running, climbing, slackline, hiking, longboarding, skiing, snowboarding, rope jumping...

Our vision and mission is to promote outdoor recreation and stay in nature , as well as the ethical relationship to nature and its beauty.